The Secrets of Spiritual Enlightenment and The Universal Law of Attraction

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The Secrets Of Spiritual Enlightenment And The Universal Law Of Attraction
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Insights into Spiritual Enlightenment

 Spirituality is one of the main topics in the streets today. Most of the periodicals, newspapers and even books have specific sections meant for spiritual awareness. This is because the society has come to realize the importance of spiritual enlightenment to the entire body. All in all, nobody has ever come up with the exact definition of spiritual enlightenment. This is because it varies according to one’s religious beliefs. As a matter of fact, words are not enough to define spiritual awareness. It carries so much depth that only actions can describe it. When it comes to the spiritual sense of it, many mistakes it for the optimum spirituality level that one can reach. The truth is that spirituality has no end; it is a journey in the spiritual realm.

There are certain insights that help in enlightening us spiritually. To start with, knowing that enlightenment is just but some sort of higher awareness is one of the main insights that lead to one’s growth spiritually. By higher awareness, I am simply referring to the awareness that you are a spit in a physical body. Most of us do not know this, we think of it in the opposite manner. Many think that we are physical beings with a spirit inside. With this realization, it becomes even easier to face life’s struggle since you will have the mentality that they are just but mare earthly problems that should not bother you at all.

Another insight that defines spiritual enlightenment is that the world is just as it is and will never change. In short, this means taking the world just as it is without any form of dissatisfaction or regret. With such a realization, you will understand that the world is perfect just as it is. All that happens in it, whether good or bad, is just because of the divine law. Nothing happens just as a mistake, everything has a purpose. Individuals with such understanding show a lot of maturity in life.

The third insight is all about inner peace. In fact, this is the most important of them all. It so happens that each and every time an individual shows some sort of spiritual enlightenment, his or her soul is normally at peace. Enlightenment and disorder are two things that will never go hand in hand. This is because inner unrest tends to suffocate the spirit in you hence bringing unconsciousness within your inner self.

How Does Spirituality Work on the Law of Attraction?

 Spirituality, in a sense, correlates to the term “Universal Law of Attraction”. It is no wonder that the law of attraction is the basis of living on this earth. Have you ever thought of something and expected the thing to happen by it? Alternatively, have you ever expected the genie to understand your needs and bring for you the same? It would have been a magical thing or too good a thing if such things happened in life. However, to make such magical things happen in life, you cannot expect others to work for you. To let the magic happen, you have to do the magic yourself.

Throughout the universe, there is an existence of Infinite Intelligence. This power of Infinite Intelligence works to create something. Thus, you can create a new thing by accessing this power through your thoughts. It is the only way. Even if you do not realize this fact, it does happen in the same way. The conscious mind and the subconscious mind plays simultaneously to access this Infinite Intelligence and create the new thing.

You wish to do something, think of it deeply and affirm yourself that you can do it and the law will help you in achieving it.

This is the first law that works on the mind of people. After that, you start worrying that the thoughts will not work out. It is the negative thought that comes to your mind makes the whole thing undone. This is because even if you have negative thoughts even for once, the law will not work in your favor.

Therefore, if you want the access to the power of the Universal Law of Attraction, then first you need to be clear of your thoughts. That is, you have to be specific of your needs. This should not be a vague specification, but a very accurate one. For instance, if your need is a job, then be specific of the kind of job you want, which sector, which position, what salary range and so on. The more specific you are in your needs, the more you are likely to get success with the law of spirituality.

After being specific, visualize your wanting and put it into action. Then, after you achieve your wanting, it is the time to hold that achievement for long. Therefore, to hold on that achievement, you have to appreciate yourself at least once a day. Finally yet importantly, do not let the negative emotions come to your mind. Thus, you work attaining spirituality with the law of attraction.

Terry Clark

Terry Clark

Terry Clark is a Santa Monica–based Vedic Meditation teacher. Terry recognized his passion for teaching meditation after meeting his Guru in 2002. Following years of daily meditation, Vedic studies, and apprenticeship, Terry traveled to India to be trained in the ancient ways of teaching meditation. Afterward, he dedicated himself to transforming people from all walks of life into self-sufficient meditators. Terry’s students have used meditation to whip PTSD, hypertension, sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression, and even cancer. To date, Terry has personally taught over a thousand people to meditate, having yet to meet someone he couldn’t teach.

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